How We Work

How WE Work

Once your doctor decides that you require anesthesia for your procedure, you will receive a call to come to the hospital for a pre-anesthesia visit.

A Certified Physician Assistant or Anesthesiologist will provide a thorough consultation to obtain your medical history and ensure your health is optimized prior to your procedure. Additional testing or further medical specialist consultation may be required to evaluate conditions or symptoms raised during the examination. We strive to provide the best outcomes possible for our patients and attention to patient health optimization is integral in this pursuit.

Our physicians and providers will provide preoperative instruction during the consultation. We will also answer any questions and address any concerns surrounding the experience.

Things to Consider

Your health care provider will give guidance on food and drink intake during the preprocedural period. To maximize patient safety, limitations are placed on eating before surgery. These limitations usually require patient stop eating or drinking at least 6 hours before their procedure.
Certain medications and their doses may be temporarily changed or held in the period prior to surgery. This information will also be provided on an individual basis during your visit.

Different procedures may allow for regional anesthesia or nerve block techniques. These procedures, should they be applicable, will be explained.

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