Associated Anesthesiologists, Inc. is a professional corporation which has been providing anesthesia services in Tulsa since 1960.

In order to provide the highest quality in service to our patients, we require that all partners are specialists in anesthesiology and all are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Our current team of anesthesia specialists consists of medical doctors (MDs), Certified Nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and Anesthesia Assistants (AAs). Our staff has trained at many prestigious programs across the nation which provides us with the diversification necessary to stay current in the rapidly changing field of anesthesia and provide the best possible service to you. We provide more than 45,000 anesthetics per year. 

In order to make your anesthesia experience for your planned surgery as pleasant and least time consuming for you as possible please complete the following instructions to create an account and get started online.

  1. Click "Create an Account"
  2. Provide and submit all required information to create your online account.
    1. To make a payment on your existing account, click "Pay My Bill Online".
    2. To pre-register for Labor Epidural or provide information regarding your Scheduled Surgery Deposit, click "Patient Information Forms". 
      1. You will be asked a series of questions.  After you have submitted the last form, you will see a Thank You page confirming that the information has been submitted.  
      2. If you are required to make a deposit, you will be directed to make your deposit of $200.00 for scheduled surgery or $286.00 for Labor Epidural (you may also click "Scheduled Surgery Deposit" once you have submitted all information through "Patient Information Forms").  If you do not have an Account Number yet, you may enter "N/A" in the field for Patient Account Number.
  3. Provide and submit all required information.  You will know you are finished when you reach the confirmation message and no further requirements are noted.